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Twenty-five years ago, the best Medical Malpractice lawyer in Boston, according to Boston magazine, did something so stupid most who know him simply refuse to believe it could be true.
Nevertheless, it is a fact that Atty. Andrew C. Meyer, Jr., founding partner of Lubin & Meyer, P.C., a Medical Malpractice law firm, did with forethought and deliberance cause the loss of my Multi-million dollar Medical Malpractice Trial in the Brockton, MA Superior Court House, with the dis-honorable Judge, Robert L. Steadman, presiding over the fiasco.

Because I could find no lawyer willing to sue Atty. Meyer for me, I did that myself only to be confronted with one corrupt judge after another, making a mockery of our legal system.

Now, the only opportunity left to me to find justice is to ask you, dear readers, “the Court of Public Opinion”, for your assistance.

A while ago,  I completed an eight-part exposé entitled, Malpractice: Medical/Legal/Judicial/Political/ “One Man’s Twenty Year Search for Justice in the Bay State”, detailing my experiences.

This is a sampling from that exposé.

My hope is that a law firm, media outlet, or law enforcement official, will read my story and come forward to help me to prosecute the man who destroyed the last 25 years of my life, Atty. Andrew C. Meyer, Jr.

Thank you for reading my story.

Steve Marmorstein

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